Sometimes you have must simply execute something and accept the consequences.

The purpose of a project is to change the world. Your project may amend your business, your lifestyle, or another part of your context. Often we get caught in the planning phase and forget to execute on making the change. Often it is fear of making the wrong choice that holds us back. We want to be sure that the decisions that we are making about the change we propose will actually make the world a better place.

In this past week, I have spent a good deal of time analyzing and evaluating a system improvement. From all reports, some simple changes that required a good bit of effort have the potential to provide a benefit that users have been requesting. But trusting the experience of those who have come before me, and the inertia of ‘the way we have always done it’ makes me concerned that making the change will have a negative ripple effect. So I analyze some more and hope that there is another way to get the benefit without having to execute the change that I think will be good.

Sometimes you simply have to execute on the best path that you see to change. It may be the wrong path, but even if it is, you have caused something to change. The new perspective will give you a new vantage point to view the world. And from that new lookout, you can plot the next change that will help you move forward.

Maybe I’ll be able to tell you next week about whether I executed on my project or not.