Two Traits You Need to Be Successful At Anything

Take a moment to imagine an area where you want to be successful. Picture what success means to you. Think about what it would look like when you are successful. Do you know that you will never make it to that success without coming to a point of despair, being one step away from giving up completely?

Getting what you want often follows a very predictable pattern. You start out with a burning desire to accomplish something. It could be that you wanted to start a business, lose weight, or build a better network. Then you start down the path to success. You are sure that you will have what it takes. You are studying the other people who you can see have been successful in the way that you want to be. But then things start to get difficult. You don’t get the sales you want, or you can’t find a product that connects with your customer group. You can’t seem to stop eating too many calories. Or connecting with people is really hard because you are an introvert. At this point the opposition to your success isn’t external. The battle that you are fighting isn’t against forces that are outside of yourself that could stop you. You are fighting against the one thing that will be sure to make you fail: giving up. When you give up, there is no longer any chance of success. Zero. None.

When you give up you are finished with that dream. But your success journey doesn’t need to end this way. When you get to the valley of despair there are two traits that will keep you moving forward to be the treasure that you seek. The first trait is a growth mindset. The growth mindset will remind you that while you might be bad at something right now, you just aren’t there yet. You will continue to grow and improve. You realize that not knowing doesn’t mean that you are a failure, it just means that you have to work to figure out how to get to the next level. The second character trait that you need to succeed is grit. Grit enables you to keep on going when everything around you tells you that you should stop. If you have grit you are going to keep your head down and keep on learning and growing, no matter what the situation looks like.

You can be successful on your mountain climb to success. Your key will be to keep on learning, and to continue to take the next step forward. Think about your goal: what will you learn today to help you get there? When it seems like it is hopelesss and that you should give up, don’t stop. Take the next small step, and then the next. I look forward to seeing you enjoying your success.