Until You Are Done

Sometimes you have to set a goal for yourself and make yourself sit in your chair until you are done. You can’t force someone else to sit and do their work. People aren’t inspired to work because you are yelling at them. But there are times when it is appropriate to do this to yourself.

Often times we don’t force ourselves to finish something because we are worried that we won’t have the freshest thinking, or come up with the best solution. We figure that if we take a break, we will come back refreshed and do better work in less time. There are definitely advantages to taking a break, but sometimes the break is the barrier to getting your work done.

If you find yourself procrastinating, force yourself to get the next phase of your work done in a set amount of time. You can say, “I will finish this block of writing before I get up from this chair. I must be done before the end of the hour.” Even if your writing isn’t excellent, you will have a finished piece of work that you spent less than an hour on. Then you can take your break and come back refreshed and inspired to make edits and updates.

In our example, if you allowed yourself to take the break first, you would come back to a blank page, and you would still have to do the difficult first draft.

Sometimes it is valuable to force yourself to sit down and simply finish the work before you. Then you can move forward when you are ready and refreshed.