User Problems

Everything you do should be solving a user problem.

Why did you go to that meeting? To make a decision? to create a strategy? You should have been at that meeting to solve a user’s problems.

A strategy helps us create a structure to solve problems that we expect the user will find in the future. So when you are working through your strategy, you should consider the specific user problems you are solving.

If you are making infrastructure or business model decisions, you are also addressing user’s problems. You aren’t replacing an asset (a machine or a server) because it slows down production. You are replacing the server because if you don’t, the customers who try to buy your product will be frustrated by a slow response time. And if there is a slow response time, they might not buy your product to solve their problem.

No matter what it is, your work should be connected to the user’s problems that they are facing. If you can help your users solve their problems, they will be loyal and happy with what you deliver.