Value Has a Cost

Does it have value?
What would you trade for it?
Who would you be willing to stand up to?
How much inconvenience would you endure to get it?

It’s your project to help succeed or fail. This project will make a change in the world. As the person who is in control of what happens with this project, you have to be the person who values it the most. You have to be the one who is willing to sacrifice the most. It’s because you can see what this project is really worth.

Your input, your commitment, your persistence will win the day. It will take political and social will. It will take self-control and influence in other people’s lives. It will require you to build relationships deeper than you have before. People will invite you in, and they might push you away. Every situation must be examined for the silver lining.

Done is good. Done on time is right. And when you are finished, you will look and see the great change that has happened. You will see the benefit that people feel because of the complete project. You will be able to tally the improvement.

All because you did your job and cared about what mattered.
You stood up and led others to the mountaintop.
You traded your time and energy.
Because it has value.

Thank you for leading the change.
Thank you for seeing it has value.
Thank you for being willing.

Value has a cost.