“The waiting is the hardest part” – Tom Petty.

It can be very hard to wait for something. As kids, it was hard to wait for our birthday or Christmas. When we are in university, we can’t wait to graduate and get out into the “real world.” As we grow up, we might find that it is hard to wait for the next career move or promotion.

We can use waiting as a trigger to take action. Whether you are waiting for an appliance delivery or the response from an investor, don’t stop everything. The best way to deal with waiting is to continue moving forward with action that will benefit you no matter what happens next.

If you are waiting for a vendor to respond to you regarding whether they can do the project or not, don’t stop focusing on the project. Find other pieces of work that you can do so that when the vendor says ‘yes,’ you don’t have to do that work. And if the vendor says ‘no,’ then you have to find another vendor, but the groundwork that you have laid is already done.

If you are waiting for an appliance to be delivered, find little tasks around the house that you would typically do on the weekend. Finish these, and you will have gained some relaxation time in a couple of days.

As you are waiting, continue to move and act. Don’t simply passively wait; there is no benefit in that approach.