Want It So Badly

What do you do when you want something badly, but it doesn’t happen?

We all have something that we are striving for in our life, but it is just out of reach. When we are young, we just want to sit at the grown-up table at the family reunions (or at least sit at the youth table.) Then you made it to the grown-up table, and you were just waiting for your driver’s license, or first job, or chance to get out of your parent’s house and get your own apartment. You want the perfect job, partner, place to live, and circle of friends.

Sometimes life progresses like that, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes there is something that you strive for, and it just doesn’t happen. And you keep striving, and it still doesn’t happen.

And then the question is: What do you do at that point? Do I give up? Do I keep going on blindly? Do I become cynical and jaded? What do I do when I am not achieving that one pinnacle that seems elusive.

I can’t promise that I know all of the answers, but here is how I approach it. When you have a mountain that you can’t seem to scale:

  1. Be grateful for where you are. Look around. Honestly say thank-you for what you have. (Truly being content that you would be willing to settle here for the rest of your life.)
  2. Don’t settle where you are. Keep taking the next step towards your goal.
  3. If you can’t reach the top of the mountain, look for ways to help other people reach the top of your mountain. They will achieve something, and you will use the skills that you have honed over the years.
  4. Don’t give up. You always have another chance. It’s not over until you take your last breath.

So take another breath, step forward into another day. Be grateful for what you have, but don’t lose the passion in your belly.

You want it so badly. There is no reason that you can’t take one step closer to it today.