Web-App Development

With your mobile device or desktop computer, a web-app is an application (computer program) that you can use anywhere you have an internet connection. Web apps don’t require installation and are used through any device that has a browser.

Most web-apps are delivered within a 90-day project window.

Timeline and path to web-app development.

App Definition: A no-obligation 30-minute conversation about the app that you need for your business. At the end of the conversation, whether or not you choose to continue developing your web app, we’ll send you a description of the app, how it will help your business and some details on how it could function.

Building a web-app is a collaborative endeavour. You will work with the developer to define needs, and review the work that is complete.

Define Needs: You tell the developer what the app needs to do. When something is developed, you look at the product and tell the developer what needs to be improved or changed. We also expect that you may have additional ideas on how the app should work after seeing the product.

Building the web-app: An experienced developer does this work. They will take the ideas that you have, and turn them into working code that is easy to use.

Testing and feedback: Once you have a final product, you still have a chance to make sure that it works exactly as you expected. Testing ensures the app has addressed all necessary scenarios.

Project close: In this phase, the web-app is implemented into the everyday work of the business.

Web-App Examples

Some examples of web-apps that businesses benefit from are: 

  • Visitor trackers
  • Expense claim submission
  • New-hire forms
  • Checklists for employees
  • Time tracking
  • Documentation and training apps