Website Stories

What story should we be telling on the main page of our website? How should I be communicating so that people are moved deep within their heart? What will make people smile one moment, feel tense because of the injustice and pain, and bring them to tears at the beauty of the resolution of the conflict?

My web-page doesn’t have to be a brochure or sales sign. Often people think that your website has to be a place where you communicate about your business. If you are really savvy you present the problems that people are encountering, and then make sure that you position your product as the solution. But we don’t want to just be in a world where there are signs screaming at us about what we should buy. I would prefer to not just be another voice in the noise. What I would really like is to produce a page that people enjoy visiting. One where they have an immediate positive feeling. One where they are engaged in the story of the page and immediately gain some benefit from it. People may want to use our products, but it won’t be because they have seen a billboard or fact-sheet. We want to work with people who believe that they can change the world. People who feel that the story that we are weaving resonates with their own story. And then we will work together.

Some good examples of good storytelling websites can be found at this site with the Best Websites Examples of Storytelling.┬áIn addition, I always enjoy the stories from Beachbody sites. Sites like P90x or Body Beast may seem to be giving a lot of information, but they are telling a story of transformation. Of people who were once caterpillars, and now have become butterflies (according to the standards of the site.) These are the stories that we like – coming from nothing to overcome great odds and conquering our barriers.

The website now doesn’t tell a story. At least not one that is worth hearing. I’ll include a screenshot here so that we remember what it used to look like. But I hope that you can see soon updates to the site tells a story that can give people something that is worth coming back for.