What Do You Wish For?

In the deepest depths of your heart, what do you wish for? 

I have many deep wishes.

  1. That I find a duplicatable way to make people feel very good about their work. 
  2. That I run a business that is scalable so that it can benefit thousands of people, both employees and customers. 
  3. That I can have enough money to be able to make a huge impact by giving significant amounts to strategic causes. 

Why don’t you chase after your dreams? There isn’t a better time than now. 


I have all sorts of doubts about whether I will get to do any one of my wishes will be completely fulfiled. But I do know that even by working on them some, some people are affected by what I am trying to do. Because of the small steps I take, someone else might be able to take a step themselves. 

It is worth it to try. And so I will.