What If I Have Nothing To Say?

I write a blog post every day. I do it because:

  1. some people read it
  2. it gives me a place to write down interesting thoughts from the day (and then to remember them by reading about them later)
  3. it is a discipline that I want to keep up. The more I write, the more practice I get. 

But what happens on the day that I have writer’s block? What about the day when I don’t feel like writing, and can’t think of anything useful to say? 

On those days, I write anyway. Not because I suddenly have something great to say, but because: 

  1. some people might read it
  2. I want to record interesting thoughts for the future
  3. I want to keep up the discipline. 

So on the days that I have nothing to say, I still have a reason to write. And even though I don’t feel like I have something to contribute, I can still move forward.

Focus on why you are stretching after your mission. Don’t worry about whether you have enough gas in your tank to get there. Fulfil the purpose, not just the activity.

What if I have nothing to say? 

Today was one of those days.