What Important Project Is Nobody Doing

Peter Thiel asks the question, “What valuable company is nobody building right now?” He asks the question to jog thinking so that we can consider gaps that other people haven’t thought about. It is valuable for you to consider: “What critical project is nobody doing right now?” That important project is the project that you should put all of your energy behind to ensure that it is completed.

When the world seems to start to spin a little faster, and people are having trouble keeping track of which way is up, don’t forget the value of a project management discipline. Make your schedule; consider your stakeholders, create a communications plan. Ensure that you are working according to your plan, or at least that you understand your variances. Know what change you are bringing about in the world. Keep your project vision at the forefront of your mind always.

You won’t do the critical project right now because anyone needs it at this moment. Instead, the project is done because of the benefit that it will bring in the future. It is the future benefit that makes this project so necessary to deliver. Considering which projects must be completed, and using a sound project management methodology will ensure that your work will be completed, and will be valuable to the organization.