What is it for?

In the last couple of days, I have reflected on the purpose and focus of what I am trying to build at FortyFour-Three. Yesterday’s post answered Seth Godin’s question, “Who is it for?” Today I will answer his question, “What is it for?”

What is FortyFour-Three for?

The tools and resources should give people confidence that they can finish their projects on time. My work should help people be better at managing their projects tomorrow. If I have provided people with more knowledge, they should be able to use it to continue to grow and teach others. The compound growth benefit of what they have learned should mushroom.

What is FortyFour-Three for?

The offerings of FortyFour-Three should make everyday people better at delivering their projects. Whether it is figuring out what has to be done, watching the progress, or measuring the impact in the long run, I hope that what I have to give can help you.

FortyFour-Three’s offerings are for making you better at delivering your project so that you can have a greater impact in the world.