What Is Your Terrible Idea?

Let me tell you about a terrible idea.

What if someone were to play the violin and dance at the same time? Then what if that person created videos for their song where the plot was that they were having dance-offs and music-offs between different villains? (Like zombies, wild-west characters, and others.) What if, in addition to the classical violin, and very highly trained choreography, they added dub-step beats to a lot of the music? What if you would call some of your music ‘dubstep violin?’ If I described this to you as a path you should take, you would tell me this is a terrible idea. If you pitched this idea to me as something that I should do, it would have been the worst idea ever.

Fortunately, Lindsey Stirling didn’t think it was a bad idea. She just saw an opportunity at the crossroads of her unique gifts. Lindsey shared her ability with the world. I’m glad she did. 11 million YouTube subscribers who enjoy her talents and artistry are also delighted she did.

What might sound like a terrible idea when you say it before it happens, could be the fantastic idea that is going to bless so many people in the world. Sometimes I find the best thing to do is to not tell anyone about your idea that you are executing right now. You won’t be able to describe it until you concretely deliver something. If you need to talk now: talk about the concepts, talk about the benefits, talk about what the result of your idea will be. But don’t bother trying to describe the idea that is in your head. As you develop and deliver your idea, it will become concrete. Then explain what it is. Describe what is benefiting people, and it will be easy to describe because you can easily see what it is.

Go ahead, start on your idea. When you meld your unique gifts and talents, it will be amazing. Will it seem like a good idea? Not before you start. What sounds like a terrible idea, will blow people away because no one else dared to make this unexpected idea astonishing.

In case you missed what I am trying to say here: I think Lindsey Stirling is amazing. It is great to see a surprising combination of amazing talent with something new and unexpected. Check Out Lindsey’s Christmas album here.