What Makes It Better?

We will often start a new project thinking that we are going to make things better. We are going to make a unique product or service which will create some impact in the world. What we forget to ask as we start is, “What would we consider to be better?”

If you are starting a project, determine what you need to measure to confirm that you are successful. If you are implementing a new accounting system: determine what it is about the current system that you need to improve. If you are implementing a new compliance system, decide what you want to make better. 

It isn’t a matter of sticking with the old, but if you can’t articulate what ‘better’ means, then you will never know when you have made things better. 

Here are a few better statements:

  • A world where all genders can vote is better than a world where only males vote. (So voting laws were changed in every province in the 1920s finally.)
  • When people from all backgrounds and experiences participate as full citizens, our culture is better as we learn from each other. 
  • When you implement technical solutions in small sprints, you get more continuous and compounded improvements, which is better than a succeed-or-die mentality.

Figure out what will make things better and focus on that one thing.