What Next?

Sometimes there is a lull in the storm. Sometimes you can run downhill with the wind in your back. Sometimes it feels like everything is going your way. You should enjoy those moments.

Other times it feels like you are walking to school in three feet of snow, uphill all the way. You should be grateful for the adventure that this represents.

But don’t get caught in the “what’s next?” trap that makes you feel that you should always be anticipating something better or worse based on your current situation. Just because the wind is in your back now, doesn’t mean that it will be a treacherous hindrance in 15 minutes. And simply because you can barely take another step, doesn’t guarantee that the heat is on or the school will be open when you get there.

As you are moving forward your focus shouldn’t always be on “what’s next?”, but “what’s now?” What can I enjoy, leverage, and share at this moment?

There is a place for strategy and looking into the future, but being in the present is important also.

What now?