What People Want

Describe a product that people really want.

People want a computer program that will do their work for them.

If I had a computer program that did my work for me, I would be happy. I would get so much more done. I would be able to get to those things that I never really have a chance to get to.

How do you get a computer program to do your work? You give us a call, or sign up through the Buy Now! page.

At this point you might be thinking: “This blog post is nothing more than a sales pitch for your services/product.” And in a way you are right. I am absolutely convinced that your computer should be doing some of the work that you are going to do today. I wish that some of the work that you have already done today would have been done for you by a computer. Then you might feel less stressed and more relaxed. You might be ready to spend some additional time on something that was more meaningful to you. If you had a computer take over some your the tasks that were tedious and life-draining today you could spend time on the work that makes you come alive. If you let a computer do the mundane, you could focus on your purpose: on the things that only you can do that will change the world. I want the world to be a different place tomorrow because of the work that you have done today.

You might be shy to sign up to start automating something today and that’s ok. As you go through your day think about the things that you wish were automated for you. It could be things like:

  • Automating the sorting and organizing of your email
  • Data entry into your accounting system
  • Running a report and emailing it to a service provider
  • Updating customer notes or other data in your CRM
  • Automatically filling out Purchase Orders or Contract information on forms so that you don’t have to type it.

Your computer is an amazing tool. Anything that you are doing that is repetitive and fairly structured can be done by your computer. Automate something today, and spend more time on more purposeful work.