What Success Looks Like/ How to Measure Success

What if you were to blog for two years, but not have a significant increase in followers? What if you had great offerings that you developed over the last five years, but no good sales process? What if your education and experience in the previous twenty years made you the right person to help a very broad group of people?

If you aren’t successful after all of that work, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t successful. It simply means that you haven’t succeeded yet. You could be close to getting there, or you could still be far from ‘success.’ But I know without a doubt if you are blogging, podcasting, helping other people, and finding out about customer needs, you are growing and helping people.

Success for you may not look like a million dollars and a life of ease, but remember to be grateful for the wins you have in your life and how you can help people forward. Success is measured by what you can be grateful for.