What Will You Finish Today?

The success of your day isn’t measured by how busy you are or how many new things you started. Real success is measured by what you finished today.


We are all extremely busy. There aren’t enough hours in the week to complete everything that has crept onto our todo list. Every day we feel the need to try to work on as many things as possible on our list. Our reasoning follows the path that says if we do a little bit on some tasks each day, eventually we will complete the work. Unfortunately, this approach leaves us unfulfilled because, at the end of the day, our pile of work looks just as big as when we started. It also leaves the people around us wanting more. If we do a little bit on a bunch of tasks, I still haven’t delivered ANYTHING that someone can use. I might have moved closer to the goal, but I haven’t achieved anything helpful to the people who need help.


Instead of focusing on your task list today, find one thing that you are going to finish. Then make that one thing the top thing that you work on today. There a couple of advantages to finishing something:

  • The person who you delivered for can benefit immediately from what you have provided. The compound benefit from getting the solution early is incredible.
  • It isn’t on your list anymore – you feel relief and excitement. You don’t have to spend effort stressing about this work, or doing little bits of work over a long time.
  • You feel good about completing something.


  1. Choose one thing to finish today. Make sure that it gets done. If you are finished 7:30 am, super: you can go back to your regular list of responding to emergencies. Or you can put one more thing to finish as a priority.
  2. Finish something today.

Make sure that you are always shipping. Finish something so that the world can benefit from it.

Don’t measure your day by how much is on your task list, or what progress you seemed to make. When you have delivered something – then you have had a day where you made a dent in this world.