What You Have Is Enough

It is human nature to think that you need more than what you have to succeed. More money, more time, more knowledge, more skill. But instead of striving for more, you should ask yourself the question, “What can I accomplish with what I have right now?”

When you ask this question, you will discover that you can spend your energy on accomplishing great things, instead of striving for ‘more.’

I’m not saying that you should stop learning, growing, exploring, experimenting, becoming stronger, getting better, and always developing. I am saying that you shouldn’t wait until you have get to the level you think you need to be before you start making significant contributions.

What you have is enough to start. What you have is enough to make a significant contribution. And by the time you use what you have to make that contribution, you’ll have grown enough to make your next contribution.

What you have is enough.