When You Are Tired

When you are tired, you should rest. Or exercise.

It doesn’t make sense that spending energy on exercising will make you less tired. But somehow it does. It gets the heart pumping and wakes you up.

The best thing is that exercise doesn’t just give you energy right after you are done. You are also building up strength for the next day. (I think I heard somewhere that it was even up to 48 hours. But you would have to search that up to see if it is true.)

The Parallel

The best thing that you should do when you are tired of your project is taking a break. Or do something routine.

The army prepares soldiers regularly. Police forces and sports teams are always in training sessions. You can do the same thing with your projects. Have some routine activities that you can fall back on if you are tired. When you are tired, you can:

  1. Organize your upcoming task list. Mark what has been completed, and make a short-list of your one-week tsks.
  2. Review and update the stakeholder plan.
  3. Make sure that the project targets still make sense.

A rote exercise will give you energy because it will be one more thing that isn’t hanging over your head. And it will provide you with energy into the future because you have laid out your work.

Rest. Or exercise.