Where Are You People?

Here is what I am interested to know: where is everyone?

I know that I am not only one in the world who has to work on short-term, intense projects. Others work to ship something that is important and will change the world. You might agree that it stinks to be late to deliver on your deadlines and commitments.

I know that a few people follow this blog. And I get feedback from twitter (@fortyfourthree) sometimes. I appreciate the thoughts and feedback. I think that there is so much more we can learn. We should be talking to each other and learning from each other about how we can get work done that will change the world. How do we get things done? How do we know that we are doing the right thing? How do we expand our impact? How do we help others who are struggling to release or deliver the work that they are uniquely gifted to do?

How do we do projects better? I certainly don’t know all of the answers. I’m hoping that you can fill in the gaps. I hope that we can all help each other with what we share. What I hope for most is that I can be a lightning rod and catalyst for this sharing.

Who should join the conversation?
You: From any background or any age.
You: If you have to work on a project that creates a product, service, or anything else you give to someone else.
You: If your project has to change someone’s mind or behaviour.
You: If you have to work alone, or with a group.
You: If you want to get it done, and it is crucial that it is done well and on time.
You: If you are flexible, kind, innovative, creative, strategic, fun, giving, and pushing to change the world.
You: If you do projects, and want to be better at delivering.

If you feel that your position, education, status in society, background, or connections, give you some sort of rank above others, you probably won’t like our conversation. We’re learning together. It will probably get messy. We’re all going to have to admit we’re wrong at some point. And you’re going to have to compliment and encourage others on the insights that they bring into your life. If you don’t think you need to improve, there are probably groups of people you will enjoy more than us.

How do we start to get together? Here are some ideas:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post. Give a two (max three) sentence explanation of a recent project, or a very memorable project to you.
  2. Tell someone else that you know about this blog. If you click on the title, you will read the post in a page of its own. You can share the post to Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. Sign up for daily blog posts. Click the follow me link. You’ll hear what I’m saying, and hopefully, you will give other’s feedback.