Where The Spirit Is

I am a Jesus follower. I don’t write about spiritual matters much in this blog, but today’s post will have a spiritual thesis. As a Jesus follower, I understand that God has three parts of the whole diety. One part, the Holy Spirit is often referred to as the reminder or even the comforter. The Holy Spirit is responsible for the nudges that you feel spiritually and even in everyday life. Some people attribute all intuition to the Holy Spirit.

If you aren’t religious or haven’t been exposed to the lingo, I’m about to sling this post isn’t going to make much sense. I’m sorry. You are welcome to skip this post.

I was thinking about the Holy Spirit this morning. We often talk about following God and seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We wait for a nudge or confirmation from the Holy Spirit before we are ready to take a step. And then it hit me: maybe we shouldn’t always be waiting for the Holy Spirit. (Sometimes, yes, but not as much as we do.)

In many cases, we should be stepping into the big things that excite us because the Holy Spirit is already there. We worry too much about the right or wrong step. Instead, we need to look at the gifts and passions that God gives us and step forward. When we do, we realize that the Holy Spirit has been waiting for us there. The Holy Spirit is ready with far more abundance than we ever planned or imagined. The Holy Spirit doesn’t show us this abundance in our current situation because it doesn’t exist. Only when we step into the new situation, where the Holy Spirit already is that we experience the abundance.

Bottom line: be who God made you be. Experience the Holy Spirit more fully by stepping forward. The Holy Spirit will be there.