Where You Arrive [Trajectory]

Sometimes you are working on something, and you know that it isn’t going well. It could be a blog article, a new module for your software, or new career pursuit.

The key is to know when you are making progress or just putting in more energy. One way [but not the only way] to see whether you should stop doing something is to look at the trajectory of your work. If I keep adding in energy are the small results that I am getting pointed in the direction of my ultimate achievement?


I start a blog post, and it isn’t communicating well. Will adding more words or spending more time result in a level of quality that I would be happy to post? If not, I should stop and find another topic. (This post represents the new topic.)

If I am doing sales.

Good Trajectory: When I start to have a repeatable sales process and every week I increase my revenue by 1%.

Bad Trajectory: When I do sales, and I make seven sales every week that keeps my revenue steady from the previous week.

In Professional Development

Does my work today take me one step closer to my next professional goal? If I continue at this trajectory, will I arrive at my goals within an acceptable timeframe?


Your trajectory can tell you whether you want to continue on the path you are on or choose another route.