Who Are You Boring?

If you aren’t boring to someone, you aren’t exciting to anyone either.

Sometimes we try to be interesting to everyone. Sometimes we think that if someone finds us dull or uninteresting, we should work to make ourselves more appealing. This is the wrong approach.

The next time you are at a theatre show or a concert, look at the stage lighting. Some people spend hours designing the way the lighting will work. They read magazines, talk to other lighting designers and technicians, and sketch out possibilities on a napkin when on a date. Do most people in the world find stage lighting interesting? Not really. (I do BTW.) But the people who find it interesting, are interested in it. And even though you might not be interested in it, you still benefit from it. (Imagine seeing the Phantom of the Opera with just the fluorescent lights on — it wouldn’t be the same.)

You don’t have to be interesting for everyone to give them a benefit. Just be focused on your gifts. You might be boring to some people, but you will be interesting to others. And even if you are boring people by what you do, your ‘boring’ can still add a lot to their life.

Don’t try to be interesting to everyone. Just follow what is interesting to yourself, and find where it benefits other people.