Who Are You?

You are a complex equation of your experience, personal history, choices, current situation, and your enduring purpose. Each aspect of who you are grows out of your decisions and the circumstances that surround you. For example, your work experience may consist of:

  1. Your university degree which you chose to pursue
  2. The first job after university, which you decided to accept, but you didn’t have control over which company offered you the job
  3. The books and additional research you choose to pursue
  4. The suggestions and ideas that the people you connect with giving you. Many of these relationships and conversations are serendipitous. 

If all other parts of the equation are equal, the variable that is the biggest lever is your enduring purpose. If you are unsure of your purpose, ask yourself what you are continually working to fix in the world. Are you building relationships? Are you frustrated when processes don’t work? Do you want to change big-picture politics, or do you feel most at ease when building an intricate and detailed cabinet? Your purpose shows itself in the things that you are most passionate about, and conversely, the things that you cannot stand. 

Your equation might look similar to someone else (experience, history, current situation, etc.), but your enduring purpose is what will drive your next step to be unique.