Who Is It For?

It is time that I come clean. And put a flag in the sand. I think that we all need to know where we stand.

Seth Godin will often ask, “Who is it for?” when you are thinking about a project. Gary Vaynerchuk tells you to ignore what people are saying because nobody (as a percentage of the human race) cares about what you are doing. So now it is my turn to take the risk and say who this is for.

About “it”

When I talk about “it” throughout this post, I mean the work that I am doing with FortyFour-Three. The tools that I provide. The available resources. The help with managing projects. The training that you can take. The different thoughts and approaches.

Let’s start by remembering that one of my 2034 goals is to be the biggest Project Management training provider in India.

But who is it for? It’s not for Inda. India doesn’t care, a country doesn’t have feelings. (The people in the country do though.)

Who is it for?

My work is for everyday people who have a project to manage. People are doing well, but who want to know how they can do their projects better — people who might not care about formal project management. But people who recognize that there are better ways to do projects than their current approach. They don’t have time to study project management, but they do have the desire to apply things that they learn to make their projects better. It might be a tweak, or a small insight, or a new approach that they hadn’t thought of before.

Who is it for?

It is for someone who wants to be a little bit better at finishing a project and delivering a change to the world. Not the people who are studying to be professional project managers. Not the people who only do project management for a living. My work is for people who are making a change because they are finishing projects well. It is for people who want to improve their project delivery process by a small bit. That is who this business is for.