Who Is The Competition?

The purpose of a project is to introduce a change. Your result could be a different business process, product, or physical location. When you have completed a project, something must be different than when you started. When organizing the change, you must understand the alternatives to the change. What choices do stakeholders have that compete with the result that the project will produce?

Alternatives And Innovation

Understanding the competition for your project results allows thinking about your results in a fresh way. Southwest Airlines wasn’t competing against other airlines; they were competing against the bus companies. YouTube isn’t competing against the cable companies; they are competing against the video camera and videocassette.

If you are developing a software project, you may be competing against a commercial-of-the-shelf product, but you most likely are competing against the perceptions that people have about a specific process.

Let your competition shape the change that you are trying to make. But don’t hold a narrow view of who your competition is.