Who Must Do What?

We continue our series, looking at creating clarity in your organization. Concepts are based on The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni.

The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni - Create Clarity

In his book, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber tells entrepreneurs that they should map out all of the positions that are necessary within their endeavours. For example, there should be someone responsible for marketing, another for sales, a position for accounting, and one for manufacturing. 

Then each of the people who are working for the company should take the roles that they will be doing. In a small business, many people will have multiple functions. If you are a one-person business, you will have all of the roles at first. The purpose of breaking out the different positions is to make it clear who is responsible for specific pieces of work. Defining roles also helps when the business grows. When you have to hire for one of the roles that someone is already doing, it is easy to take that distinct portion of work away from the person doing the work. Then you can assign the piece of work to the person that you hire to do that work. 

When companies think about who must do what, they must first define the roles that are required to make the company succeed. Once the roles are specified, then they must find the best people to do those roles. It might not be that single person who does that role forever. But they will be doing that role for now. 

FortyFour-Three Who Must Do What?

All of these areas fall to me (John) right now:

  • Marketing: Define what products and services organizations want and need to be sold.
  • Sales: Place an offer of the product or service in front of people who potentially can benefit from it. 
  • Value Delivery: Do the work of giving the product or service to people who want to buy it. 
  • Back office: accounting, billing, maintenance on the website, etc.
  • Strategy: Deciding the best places for the company to focus next. 

There is a lot of work to be done, but when it is broken down into different ‘buckets,’ I can see what role I am working on in the moment.