Who Needs Project Management (Personas) – Part II

This week we are creating personas for the different types of people who benefit from project management. These personas help us connect with the right people for the right reasons when offering project management help. You may also recognize yourself in the persona, and identify how you can benefit from different types of project management.

Mary-Ann (Manager)

Mary-Ann is a professional manager who has been in her career for five or more years. As a professional, she has a high sense of responsibility and accountability for her work. Mary-Ann manages employees and projects as part of her everyday work. But when it comes to large-scale software projects, Mary-Ann is worried that she won’t think about all the right details. Mary-Ann would like a professional to help her complete the software project that she has been assigned to. Finishing the project and benefiting from the change being made would make Mary-Ann look good to her boss, and it would ensure that the project doesn’t fail.

Mary-Ann will engage a project manager to produce reports, give insights on strategy, and design the appropriate plans. Mary-Ann expects to continue to retain control of the whole project, including the direction, stakeholder management, work-team assignment and management, and the discussions with the sponsors. Having a project manager allows Mary-Ann to hand off the ‘project’ part of her work and still have the confidence that it is being done at a professional level.