Who Needs Project Management (Personas) – Part III

This week we are creating personas for the different types of people who benefit from project management. These personas help us connect with the right people for the right reasons when offering project management help. You may also recognize yourself in the persona, and identify how you can benefit from different types of project management.

Lisa (Learner)

Lisa is a young professional who is just entering a position where she is being given more responsibilities. Lisa is quite capable of doing her job, but she is looking to make sure that she is consistently successful. Lisa will benefit from project management in two ways: 

  1. Lisa is willing to take training in Project Management. She has no desire to become a professional project manager because she wants to remain an expert in her area. But she wants to know enough about project management to organize people and resources to get things done. In the same way that Lisa might take an accounting course to understand budgeting better, Lisa is interested in taking a course in project management to be more effective at project delivery. 
  2. Lisa is excited to take on projects herself, but she would benefit from talking through project problems with someone. Lisa would benefit from the experience of going over her project plans with a professional to see any gaps that she might have missed. Lisa wouldn’t need the professional coaching forever, but having someone to bounce ideas off would give her, and her boss, peace of mind.

Lisa is a learner who will benefit from learning how to be a better project manager. She will do this through training and hands-on coaching during real projects.