Who Needs Project Management (Personas) – Part IV

This week we are creating personas for the different types of people who benefit from project management. These personas help us connect with the right people for the right reasons when offering project management help. You may also recognize yourself in the persona, and identify how you can benefit from different types of project management.

Eva (Executive) 

Eva is an executive (either a Director or a VP) who needs to get projects finished to accomplish the organization’s mission. Eva is comfortable hiring external project management to help and sees it as a way to enhance her leadership team’s capabilities. Project Management helps Eva by:

  1. Giving her a clear picture of the status of the project.
  2. Giving her assurance that she has a project plan to which she can hold people accountable.
  3. Allowing her to focus her leadership team’s energy on leading the organization, while still feeling confident that the projects they are working on are being completed. 

Eva (Executive) needs to get big work done. Project management is one way that she can be sure that big changes will happen.