Why Do We Exist?

Today is the first post in our series, looking at creating clarity in your organization. Concepts are based on The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni.

The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni - Create Clarity

Your product or service is often the first thing that you think about when considering why your company exists. We exist to make widgets, or tires, or financial transactions.

In FortyFour-Three’s case, I would probably initially say that we exist because we don’t want non-profit organizations’ to have failing projects. Resources are too precious to misfire and waste energy on something that doesn’t deliver an impact on the world. FortyFour-Three also feels that non-profit organizations can benefit from automating processes so that employees can use their time and energy on higher-value work. Higher-value work is generally endeavours that require a human connection: work that computers aren’t good at yet.

In the previous paragraph, I have outlined some of the purposes behind what FortyFour-Three does. But as Patrick Lencioni challenges, the purposes aren’t lofty enough.

Here is why FortyFour-Three exists:

Employees want to be engaged in their work. They want to know that they have the opportunity to grow, master their work, and contribute to something bigger than themselves. The desire to contribute, do amazing work, and grow is especially true for people who choose to work for a non-profit organization. By choosing a non-profit employer, they are unmistakably saying that they prefer impact in the world rather than the pursuit of purely personal gain. (This is not to say personal gain rather than impact motivates every person working for a for-profit company. I am only saying that if you choose to work for a non-profit, it is less likely that personal gain is your starting point.)

But many employees don’t like their job.

Many employees come to work frustrated by the barriers and lack of forward movement that they feel. Employees feel trapped by structures and processes that they have little control over. When change happens, most employees feel that it happens to them, but not with the employee in mind. And rarely are organizational changes driven by the employees for the benefit of the whole organization. The reason that FortyFour-Three exists is to unlock the gift that each employee brings to the table. At FortyFour-Three, we know that the employees who are doing the work have the best ideas and can come up with the best solutions. We also know that these same employees are ready to sweat blood to see the organization succeed. The employees are committed to the cause, and they are committed to growing, mastering their craft, and contributing to something bigger than themselves. Unlocking this energy is rocket-fuel that will propel the organization into the stratosphere.

FortyFour-Three eliminates unfinished projects which represent the unrealized potential to have an impact on the world. We also provide automation, which frees employees to drive the next change forward.

FortyFour-Three exists because we want employees to be engaged in their work. Walking into the office on Monday morning should be an exciting moment of anticipation of the forward movement that will happen in the coming week. On Friday evening over wings, you should be proud to share about the work that you did in the last week to make the world a better place.

FortyFour-Three exists so that employees are more engaged in their work.