Why Organize Your Work Into Projects?

We organize our work into projects because this is the way to ensure that you are getting the right results for the right areas. In your personal budget, you may have different ‘buckets’ for vacation, vehicle, and education savings. You allocate your resources (money) into these different buckets. You know that you have succeeded in filling the vacation bucket when you reach your goal.

In the same way, organizing your work into projects helps you understand when you have succeeded in a single project. You could put all of your time into a category called ‘work.’ But then you wouldn’t know how much progress you are making towards a specific goal. Instead, but organizing your work into projects, you understand that you may have to spend more time on one project to help it move ahead.

Organizing your work as projects indicates that you have spent the time to plan your work. By intentionally managing resources, you are more likely to succeed.