Why Project Management?

Why do you need project management? 

Because if you don’t intentionally manage your project, you will waste resources, time, talent, and opportunity. 

It isn’t a “maybe” that you will come up short. 

Without being deliberate about managing your project, I am sure that you will waste: 

  • Time, because you didn’t plan what work needs to be done at which specific time. 
  • Money, because you aren’t keeping track of the right amount of money to spend on the most effective work and materials. 
  • Energy, because you aren’t assigning the right people to work on the right tasks. You will also cause a rework as people rethink and replicate parts of the project that weren’t communicated didn’t have a good hand-off.
  • Opportunity, because while one project is dragging on, the one that should be started will be delayed or not started at all. The opportunities within the project itself will be squandered because you will only see what “could have been” when you are looking back. You won’t have a big-picture view while the project is in progress. 
  • Talent, because you won’t be building up the right people for the right tasks. People will be frustrated because of expectations that are misaligned with their skills and passions. And those people who could help you move forward most won’t have a chance to contribute fully.  

If you don’t know how to manage a project yourself, get someone to help you. Learn, read, seek advice. But whatever path you choose next, do not ignore the need for systematic project management.