Why Projects Fail

Your next project is teetering on the edge of failure.

Your project isn’t waiting for the failure because you haven’t watched the schedule or budget. It isn’t because you packed too much complexity into the project. It isn’t because you needed everything to be a 10-plus in quality, but you were only willing to pay for a 6-minus,

Your next project is on the edge of failure because successfully completing a project means that people have to change. And change is hard.

A project delivers a new capability, product, service, or result. And when there is something new, it means that whatever was there before is being replaced.

Manage The Change to Successfully Manage Your Project

To successfully manage your project, you must manage the way that people will navigate the change. Managing change means that you will focus on people and processes. You will have to empathize with those who are grieving the old way of doing things. And you will have to share the excitement with those people who love the change that is coming but feel that you aren’t moving quickly enough.

Your project will fail if you deliver the perfect result, but nothing changes. Manage the change to succeed in your project.