Why Some Project Don’t Get Finished

Projects aren’t completed because you aren’t committed to completing them.

It is a harsh truth to face, but it is true. It is rare that a project isn’t complete because we actually run into a problem that is entirely insurmountable. Projects die because there are a thousand other tasks, and the project work is put on the back-burner. Projects fall behind when a crisis comes around, and you can’t rally people to complete the work that needs to be done. Projects roll on forever when someone says, ‘I have other important work to do’ and never gets to the tasks that they have been asked to do.

How do I know that projects aren’t completed because you aren’t committed to them? Because you can point to hundreds of projects that you completed in a crisis. You can tell me about lots of projects that would have harmed you or your organization if they were not complete.

You can finish projects. I have confidence in you. But be honest about why some projects aren’t getting done. They are the ones that you simply aren’t giving time and energy to. You reap what you sow. If you don’t pour energy into a project, it won’t be completed.

Why are there some projects that are simply unfinished? Because we haven’t committed to them yet.