Why You Want To Focus On Being Done On Time

If you want all of the pieces of your project to fall into place, you need to have one place to focus. You are smart enough to figure out all of the details if you are focusing on the right result.

A reminder of the key Done On Time points:

  1. Your project gets delivered on time according to the project plan.
  2. This project provides the results promised, as defined in the business case that sparked the project.

Your pieces of the project will fall into place when you make a project plan. Walk through the project once on paper. Be honest about the little details and the time that it will take. You don’t have to map out every specific subtask for each person, but you do need to be aware that they will have subtasks. Don’t think that someone will be able to complete 8 hours of work on your project in a day. (When is the last time you were able to work eight straight hours on a single project?)

In everything you do, remember that you are working towards delivering the agreed upon results. Does the colour of the font have to be red or blue? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t contributing to the numbers that you are planning to measure. Who cares if people are passionate about it? What matters is that you deliver the results that you promised.

When you adopt Done On Time as your focus, there are a few inherent assumptions:

  1. You will figure out everything else. You are smart enough to be able to figure out what quality, cost, and scope will fit into the project plan. This is why it is crucial to be honest when doing your planning. You won’t design and build a jet-liner in a week. But you might be able to create a nice model airplane.
  2. You will learn from your mistakes. A Done On Time approach isn’t a one-time quick-fix approach. If you want it to work, you have to apply the pattern to every project. When you plan wrong with this project, correct your path on the next project.

Done On Time gives you a driving focus on completing the project. It gives you a binary metric to know if you are successful or not. If you are planning right, and have the right metrics for your results, everything else will fall into place.