I learned about the WISGAT model from Bob Circosta. Using it will help us tell people about the benefits of the change that we making in the world. WISGAT stands for What Is So Great About That and you should practice using it.

Anytime you are leading a project, selling a product, or running your business you have a change that you want to inspire in people. You might be seeking to have people complete a project so that your company can realize the benefit. You might want people to change their mind and purchase your product. You might be trying to change a person’s behaviour so that they are more socially concious. Most of the time when we ask people to make a change, we describe the change, and maybe what they will get from it.

We might describe that being more socially concious means that our children will live in a more inclusive world. We might describe that buying our product will save people time, or make them look better (depending on what we are selling.) It is important to tell people what they are getting, but to have people change their hearts we must describe what is so great about that. (“that” being what ever we are describing.)

Let’s use our social consciousness example. Here’s an example of what people are getting, and what’s so great about that. (WISGAT)

Social Consciousness

  • Takes cares of others
  • Is inclusive
  • Is empathetic
  • Takes a holistic approach – thinks about the environment, people, and more.

WISGAT (for the “inclusive” point.)

  • Diversity is shown to mean better results in the workplace and in business.
  • Better results means more money for the employees.
  • More money for the employees means that people can buy more stuff.
  • Buying more means that you can take care of your family better, and you have a better time when you have free-time.

In our example you start with the ‘what’ (inclusiveness) but then you should talk more about the WISGAT. I’m going to be moved by what is so great about that, not by the feature itself.

Spend time practicing WISGAT. Look at something in your room and describe to yourself what is so great about that? Use the same techniques when you are telling people about your project vision, or when you are leading customers to understand and benefit from your product.

People don’t only want to know what something does, they want to know ‘what’s so great about that?’

What’s So Great About WISGAT

When you use WISGAT you are connecting directly to what your listener wants. If you connection directly to your listener they will quickly feel moved to embrace your change, or walk away. If someone embraces the change you are offering, then you have succeeded. If someone walks away quickly, you have saved yourself from wasting time that you could have spent on people who could truly benefit from your change.

WISGAT is great because it describes the why something is great, right after you describe what it is.