Work To Destroy Yourself

You must always be working to destroy the old you. You must always work towards creating something new.

To move forward with your life, you must identify what your life would look like if you took the outsider’s perspective. In the 1980s Intel was a company that was struggling to find it’s place in the world of producing memory. Andy Grove asked his business partner the question: “If we got kicked out and the board brought in a new CEO, what do you think he would do?” [] This lead to the obvious answer: get out of the memory business and into the microprocessor business. And this is the ‘intel inside’ company that we all know of today.

We all need to ask the same question in our life: “What would we do if we were just starting out today?” We often don’t ask the question because we feel that it doesn’t value the years of work that we have put in to get to where we are. Re-inventing yourself isn’t doesn’t mean you have made the wrong choices to date. Asking yourself what you need to abandon today, means that you are planning for the future. Eliminating your current routines means that you aren’t expecting that yesterday’s successes will get you through.

A couple of examples:

  • To continue to be healthy, you need to abandon your eating habits or TV watching.
  • To be hirable in the future, you need to quit focusing on hard-skills and strengthen your soft skills.

It isn’t always enough to incrementally work on the next thing. You need to actively work to remove the safety net of the old and jump into the new. It will be scary, and there is the possibility of failure. But if you succeed, it will be a new you. And that will be worth it.