Would You Invest?

Someone asked an interesting question this evening. “If your company were on the New York Stock Exchange, how much would you invest?” The question was meant to make me think about how much I would expect my company, and myself, to be a winning company. When I thought about my company as if I were an outsider, I realized that I would expect my company to provide a lot of value, and to be a winner of a company. At the same moment, even though I knew that my company would be a winner, I realized that I am not investing the time and effort into the company that reflects this. I feel that I should invest in the company because it is a winner, but my actions don’t reflect the level of investment I believe in.

As you are working on your project or business, you will often find a discrepancy between what you know you can do, and what your actions say that you believe. The investment that you make with your actions and your time shows the genuine commitment that you have to your cause. If you believe that your project will be a success, act like it in the way that you invest your time and energy.