You Are Your Own TV Network

If you are older than 40 like me, you remember TV networks. They mainly were channels (NBC, CBC, SportsNet, etc.) that had a specific suite and type of shows. HBO is a network that some might still recognize. Netflix and Prime Video are networks in their own way also.

When you are building your own brand(personal or for business), you have to think of yourself in the same terms that network television did. What cohesive package of ‘stuff’ are you giving to people? What are you feeding people in precisely the way that they want it?

In my ‘tv network’ I offer packages that get projects done, help people deliver project results through strong leadership, automation that assists employees, and education that helps everyone have less stress as they are finishing their projects.

By defining what is on your channel, you are also defining what people won’t see there. On my channel, you aren’t going to hear me talking about perfect lighting for your video, or the best way to reduce the hum in a podcast. You won’t hear about the way to optimize javascript running on old browsers. But if you are working on any of these specific problems, and you need to learn how to get that project done: come and visit my channel, this is the right place for you.

Define what your ‘tv network’ should show, and what packages you are offering. Thinking through your offering in this way will help you put clear words and definitions to what will contribute.