You Might Really Be Wrong

Just because someone tells you that you are wrong, doesn’t mean that you are right.

Wrong Ideas: Women shouldn’t vote. The world is flat. One country should colonize another. Burning fossil fuels doesn’t hurt anyone.

All of these ideas are wrong. And they aren’t wrong in the way that one group believes one thing, and another group believes something else. They aren’t wrong because they can be scientifically proven as wrong. They are wrong because you aren’t willing to live with the responsibility of your actions based on these assertions.


Who is willing to take responsbility for generations of women who didn’t have a voice in their world or country? Are you ready to take responsibility for living in a limited world because you don’t want to fall off the edge? Or responsible for the pillaging of resources from another country? Or the destruction of people, nature, and the environment?

You might be right in your actions. It might be that people are saying, “you are wrong for me.” The way to check this is to ask yourself whether you are ready to take responsibility for your stance. You believe that your coal-powered electricity plant is right, and the people who say that you are wrong are just from a different tribe. Your question to yourself should be whether you are willing to be responsible for all of the possible outcomes. If you are, then you should proceed. If you are only willing to take responsibility for the good outcomes, then you are wrong. Truly wrong.