Your Best Move Right Now

Right now, you should be working to build relationships.

Whether you are stuck inside alone, or with four others, focus on building relationships. Build relationships with the people you are with. Strengthen relationships with acquaintances with whom you have only had a couple of conversations. Reach out to people who you have never met before and see if they want to chat, or have a virtual coffee.

Build relationships.

Why is it important to work on your relationships? Because when we strengthen our interconnection and empathy, the world is a better place. A nervous system that can’t feel pain in a person’s foot won’t give a warning when the foot steps on a nail or is walking on gravel. If we don’t connect, we won’t feel pain in the right place or the right way.

Especially in this time when everyone is isolated from each other, we must find ways to connect with other people. Build relationships, be the strong one to reach out to others. Build relationships.