Your Datasources


The most useful work that you can do today that will help you kickstart your data journey is to create a list of all of your data sources. Don’t worry about listing out all of the specific data elements, simply worry about listing out what data sources you have. 

Once you have a simple list of data sources, you might be surprised at the insights that you can gain. 

I took 30 seconds to think about some data sources that I have in my workday. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Email
  • Scheduling app
  • Paystub
  • Database logs from HRIS
  • Login information for CRM
  • The number of documents in my harddrive. 

From these data sources, I can see: 

  • How busy I am in a single day or week. (Email) 
  • What my hours worked were, and when I tend to work (Scheduling app)
  • Rate of pay per hour of work/ and outcome (Paystub) 
  • Who might have been working on similar of parallel projects as I am (Logs from HRIS)
  • How effective recent changes that are implemented have been (Login information)
  • How productive I am (Change in number of files / Number of files on my drive)

The greater the number of data sources you can list, the greater the insight you will derive from the data. Listing all of your data sources allows you to think about what you want to focus on extracting and turning into information that you can act on.