Your Product Should Include Caffeine

Many people, myself included, love their coffee. Every day they make or buy their coffee. It wakes you up, keeps people going through the day, and fuels coffee shop conversations in the evening.

Coffee contains caffeine. Searching up whether caffeine is addictive will give you a few different perspectives. Some people feel that caffeine can be addictive because it is hard to give up a dependence on it. Other’s feel that the need for caffeine isn’t an addiction because it isn’t as destructive as other addictions. Both camps agree that you will experience some negative side effect if you give up caffeine after routine consumption. These effects included headaches and difficulty concentrating.

The other day I didn’t get my first coffee of the day until 5 pm. This brought on all of the withdrawal symptoms that one would expect in someone who is a regular consumer of many cups of coffee a day. Through my headache and fuzzy decision-making ability, after a while, all I could focus on is finding the days first coffee.

Your Product Needs Caffeine

Your product or service should have a good dose of caffeine.

Your product should serve a genuine need. Maybe in many different arenas. And your product should be so helpful and become so ingrained in people’s lives that when they are not able to access your product, they will feel the headache setting in. People should feel a gap if your product or service is missing. After a little while without you, they should feel that all they can focus on is getting and using your product and service again.

Not Manipulation — Fill A Need

I am not advocating manipulation. I don’t want you to build emotional triggers into your app that cause people not to be able to put it down. I am talking about a hunger that people have and feeding them.

Build a product that will cause a headache if it is gone.