Your Project As An Investment

Working on a project is an investment in the future. You are using time, money, and maybe even physical resources right now with the expectation that in the future, you will get something back that is worth more than what you put into it right now. Unfortunately, most people don’t see their projects as an investment. Instead, projects are a piece of duty to check off your task list. Treating your project as an investment changes your passion for the project and the approach you take to completing it.

Passion and Vision

If you are trading current resources for a better future, then you are more likely to have a clear vision of what that better future will be. People don’t want to trade the time and money that they have in their pockets without thinking that they are going to benefit from it in some way. When you treat your project as an investment, you will decide the time and effort that you are willing to invest in future outcomes. To know what time and effort you are ready to trade, you will also have a very clear expectation of what you are eager to get back in the future. When you do this trade-off calculation, you have a vision for your future return on changes you are paying for now.

Project Approach

When you view your project as an investment, you will also modify your project approach. You will be less willing to construct hail-mary, all-or-nothing project plans. Instead, you will construct plans that you know can be completed and delivered. You will start working in such a way that you can begin to get a return on investment as soon as possible. An immediate return on investment means that you will deliver a little piece of the project results so that everyone will benefit. Then you will work on the next part that you can deliver that will provide immediate results.

Treating your project as an investment will change your perspective on how you deliver the project, and what change you are making for the future.