Your Super Bowl

The Super Bowl game just finished. The Kansas City Chiefs won after a 50-year drought from winning the Superbowl.

The younger players realize this is a moment that no-one can take from them. They think back to the work that it took to prepare them for victory. They might even think about what it might take to repeat the winning path in a future year.

The older players also realize you can’t rewind this moment. They may think about the unlikelihood of a future repeat. Winning the Super Bowl might even be the moment that they decide to hang up their uniform.

For everyone on the Chief’s side, this is a defining moment. A moment that they will always look back on fondly. Winning a Super Bowl is an accomplishment that very few people attain.

What is your Superbowl? What is the one thing that you are working hard to attain that few other people will achieve? The significant achievement for me is to start a profitable and sustained business.

What is your significant, memorable achievement that you are striving towards?

What is your Superbowl?