Your Tool

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

What tool do you use to solve the world’s problems?

For myself, I use structured project management and the rapid delivery of stable software technology.

For another person, their tool might be structured processes and good documentation.

A third person might hold the tool of artistic licence and disruption.

We all hold different tools that we use most frequently. The winning approach isn’t to learn everyone other person’s tools. (Though it is good to know what other people are using because it increases empathy, and can give you new insight and perspective.) The way to be most effective with the tools you have been given is to solve the problems that your tools are best suited to solve.

Stable, innovative software helps you move forward quickly with your business. Documentation and processes help you be consistent in your work. Disruption and artistic license allows someone to speak up for groups who aren’t in a position to speak for themselves.

Use your tools in the most effective places and ways. Help other people to use their tools and skills in the areas that make the biggest impact also.