Your Words Are Forever

There has been a lot of talk about how your digital life exists forever. Often talk about the persistence of your digital trail comes with a warning that you should watch what you post. The reasoning goes that if you are careful with what you post, there will be no evidence of your character that can be used against you in the future.

What we misunderstand is that actions in the pre-digital era carried the same impact as they do now, we just couldn’t trace it as well. In a pre-digital world, men treated women without respect, but you never saw it on Instagram. Now you can track someone’s values and respect for others by what they like and follow. In a pre-digital world, you wouldn’t see pictures of the drunk college parties, but the impact of your bad choices that ruined lives could linger forever.

You must not assume that just because you aren’t posting your actions, your activities don’t have a long-term effect. Specifically, your words are forever. Your voice can build people up and can tear people down. A word of encouragement can get someone to the next level at the right time. Your words are forever, even if they aren’t captured for people to see them forever.

Be careful what you post for the world to see. But what the world doesn’t see still impacts someone. Most importantly, live a life that moves other people forward towards who they are meant to be.